Video Bible Class

The David Saga

Vol. 1

David the Warlord

When Saul attacks David again after a period of truce, David determines to stop running from Saul.  The leader of a highly trained, special operations force, David decides to put their skills to use. To be mercenaries is more lucrative than being scavengers. And behind Philistine lines he was beyond Saul's reach. But how could he work for the Philistines without betraying his people?

David: Defector or Double Agent?

1 Samuel 27

In a controversial move, David establishes a base in the Philistine town of Ziklag, raising serious ethical questions that still reverberate.

Saul Consults a Medium

1 Samuel 28

As the Philistines press in, Saul becomes so desperate for a word from God that he tries to make contact with the dead prophet Samuel through a medium.

David's Greatest Crisis

1 Samuel 29 - 30

Has David gone too far with his brinksmanship with the Philistines? He has survived many perils, but how will he survive a mutiny? In contrast with Saul, he encourages himself by his faith in the LORD.

God's Greater Plan and the Tragedy of King Saul

1 Samuel 31

It did not have to be this way, ending is such ignominy and defeat.

The Early Career of David: What Do We Learn?

1 Samuel 16 - 31

It did not have to be this way, ending is such ignominy and defeat.

David's Last Straw

1 Samuel 26:1 - 27:1

Seeing that Saul cannot give up his obsession with him, David makes a fateful decision.