Video Bible Class

Lesson 1: Introduction

to the Gospel of John

(31 min.)

What is the purpose of the Gospel of John? The author himself tells us. If we are going to understand this book, we need to know and accept what he tells us. So, we turn first toward the end of the book to see what his purpose in writing is--and what it is not.

Lesson 2: The Prologue

John 1:1-18

(29 min.)

The Evangelist jumps right in to the main point of his Gospel, the chief question his book intends to answer: who Jesus Christ really is. Here in the profound and powerful opening words of his book he states truths that we must grasp if we are to understand who Jesus was and is, and what he came to do. This is one of the most theologically important passages in the Bible.


A Personal Memoir by One of His Disciples


Studies in the Gospel of John,

Pt. 1

Lesson 3: The Witness of John the Baptist

John 1:19-43

(32 min.)

The witness John the Baptist gave about Jesus, the persuasion of his first disciples, and how the truth of Jesus is not merely about information but revelation.

Lesson 4: The First Sign

John 2

(32 min.)

The Gospel writer (John) here tells how Jesus changed water to wine at a wedding and calls it "the first sign"--a term that has a specific meaning in this Gospel. Then he makes his first appearance in Jerusalem where he causes a stir.

Lesson 5: Dialogue with Nicodemus

John 3:1-15

(33 min.)

What did Jesus really mean when he said, "You must be born again?"

Lesson 6: God's Gift of His

John 3:16-21

(27 min.)

In what may be the most important single verse in all the Bible, Jesus gives the promise of eternal life to whoever believes in him. Eternal life becomes the central focus of the rest of the chapter.

Lesson 7: A Samaritan Woman, a Royal Official, and the 2nd Sign

John 4:1-54

(41 min.)

Jesus' encounters, first with an outsider (a Samaritan woman) and then with an insider (an official in the court of King Herod Antipas), culminate in the demonstration of his second sign. The outsider hears the first of Jesus' "I AM" statements. This study of a rich passage of Scripture focuses on two important points related to etenal life.