Video Bible Class

Lesson 15: The (First) Good Shepherd Discourse

John 10:1-21

(36 min.)

Jesus harkens back to the prophets, especially Ezekiel, when he identifies himself as The Good Shepherd, contrasting himself with the false shepherds who came with a pretense of spiritual leadership. Explains the parabolic sayings of Jesus about the shepherd, the sheep, and the door, and what he meant when he said he has authority to lay down his life.

Lesson 16: The (Second) Good Shepherd Discourse

John 10:22-42

(37 min.)

Time has passed and a new feast (Hanukkah) has come, but the controversy around Jesus continues. Previously Jesus had spoken of the Good Shepherd, but now he tells who are his sheep. Here he makes the startling statement, "I and the Father are one."


A Personal Memoir by One of His Disciples


Studies in the Gospel of John,

Pt. 3

Lesson 17: Raising Lazarus, the 7th Sign

John 11

(46 min.)

Jesus performs his most controversial sign yet in the village of Bethany near Jerusalem, raising his friend Lazarus from the dead and setting in motion the plot that would result in his arrest.

Lesson 18: The Meaning of John's Seven Signs


(39 min.)

We pause in our verse-by-verse exposition of this Gospel to examine the 7 Signs more closely, answering the questions: Why does John choose to focus on only seven of Jesus' miracles (most of which are reported only in John), and what is their significance?

Lesson 19: The Climax of Jesus' Public Ministry

John 12

(42 min.)

John selects just a few crucial events in Jesus' last week of ministry--his anointing in Bethany, his Triumphal Entry and public preaching in Jerusalem--supplying (as always) his own perspective with new details, and revealing how Jesus approached the end of his earthly life.

Lesson 14: The Man Born Blind

John 9

(41 min.)

The sixth sign Jesus performs sets up a hot debate about who Jesus is. Before the story ends, a poor, untaught, formerly blind beggar completely confounds the highly educated, powerful elite--and they don't appreciate it.