Video Bible Class

Lesson 20: Jesus Washes The Disciples' Feet

John 12:1-38

(51 min.)

Jesus talks to the disciples about serving one another, loving one another, and the pain of betrayal.

Lesson 21: 'Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled"

John 14:1-11

(39 min.)

Jesus assures his disciples that his departure from them is not permanent, basing their assurance on the knowledge that he is the way, the truth, and the life.


A Personal Memoir by One of His Disciples


Studies in the Gospel of John,

Pt. 4

Lesson 22: John's Apologetics


(58 min.)

In what two ways does John seek to persuade us concerning Jesus? And how shall we answer critics who say his Gospel is a work of fiction and tells of nothing about the real Jesus?

Lesson 23: The Holy Spirit is the Helper

John 14:12-31

(46 min.)

How would the apostles carry out Jesus' mission after his departure? What does it mean that the Holy Spirit is called "another Paraclete"?

Lesson 24: The Vine and the Branches

John 15:1-11

(40 min.)

Having spoken at length about his own relation to the Father, Jesus explains to the disciples about how they relate to him and to the Father--using the extended metaphor of the vine and its branches.

Lesson 25: Bearing Fruit in a Hostile World.

John 15:12 - 16:4

(31 min.)

Jesus explains how abiding in him and relying on the Spirit enables believers to cope with hostility from the world.

Lesson 26: Experiencing Joy in a Hostile World.

John 16:5-33

(32 min.)

Jesus preparing his disciples for his departure. What are the things Jesus' disciples absolutely need to know before he is taken from them: about the Holy Spirit, about how their sorrow will be overcome by joy, and how he has overcome the world?

Lesson 27: Understanding the Holy Spirit and Prayer


(50 min.)

This lesson brings together this Gospel's teachings about the Holy Spirit and about prayer.

Lesson 28: Jesus Prays for His Disciples--and Us

John 17:1-26

(50 min.)

The prayer of Jesus for his disiciples is built around Jesus 3 basic petitions to his Father: to Glorify, Sanctify, and Unify.