Video Bible Class

Lesson 29: Jesus Betrayed, Arrested, Questioned, and Denied

John 18:1-27

(52 min.)

It all appears to be spinning out of control, and yet Jesus still seems to be calling all the shots.

Lesson 30: Jesus before Pilate, Pt. 1

John 18:28-40

(46 min.)

Pontius Pilate asked Jesus one of the most important questions ever asked. Why did he not wait for an answer?


A Personal Memoir by One of His Disciples


Studies in the Gospel of John,

Pt. 5

Lesson 31: Jesus before Pilate, Pt. 2

John 19:1-15

(58 min.)

Why did Pilate try to save Jesus--and why was he doomed to fail?

Lesson 32: The Crucifixion of Jesus

John 19:16-42

(56 min.)

This is the only account of the crucifixion and death of Jesus that is presented by one who claims to have seen it with his own eyes.

Lesson 33: The First Day of the Week

John 20:1-18

(47 min.)

John's account of Jesus' resurrection appearances is as selective and distinctive as the rest of his Gospel. On the third day after his death, Jesus appears first to Mary Magdalene. But why Mary Magdalene--a woman known by the other evangeliststs but who has made no appearance in John's Gospel previous to this?

Lesson 34: Jesus Appears to the "12"

John 20:14-31

(47 min.)

Jesus appears to his amazed disciples. What was his message to them, and how did they respond? And what's the deal with "Doubting Thomas"?

Lesson 35: Jesus Recommissions Peter

John 21

(50 min.)

Jesus meets his disciples again at the Sea of Galilee and pulls Peter aside for a chat. What is it going to be--forgiveness, rebuke, a new beginning, or all of the above?