“What do you mean by ‘Serious Christianity’?”

This is our term for an approach to the Christian faith that applies

itself to every dimension of life, not just the religious.  Read more.

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Our Mission:

To investigate, communicate, and impart to others a Christian worldview

to the end of making true disciples of Jesus Christ

"That in everything Christ might be preeminent"

Colossians 1:18


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A selection of writings by Garry D. Nation covering various topics in biblical, theological, and worldview studies.  Some previously published, some scholarly, some informal. 


Talks, sermons, and lectures by Garry D. Nation, along with some others, including Dr. Nation's long-running "Insight" Bible class.


Some things can be said better in lines  of verse than in paragraphs of prose.  None dare call it poetry.  Includes an exclusive review of the contemporary oratorio Savior, along with an original narration.


Here are links to some resources that may be useful and valuable for anyone who takes Christianity seriously.

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Media Department: New Posting

The Story of the Lampstand

The Lampstand is a small thing, but it has its own story that represents a major theme in Scripture beginning in Genesis and continuing through Revelation. (43 min.)

Click here for The Story of the Lampstand.

"God Has Wronged Me"

an adaptation of the Book of Job

a short film directed by Garry Nation