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The Essentials of Worship

There are 7 essential elements of worship that can be derived from a study of the Scriptures.  *This article first appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Ministry, Winter/Spring 1997.

God's Little Children:  Early Moravian Imagery as an Expression of Spirituality

The adoption of childlikeness as the supreme Christian virtue is the key to understanding (if not harmonizing) the varied and contradictory elements in early Moravianism and appreciating the Moravian contribution to evangelical spirituality.

How We Got Christmas

The true story of how the commemoration of Jesus' baptism evolved into the celebration of his birth, and why it happens on December 25.

The New World Disorder

Explains what is meant by the term “serious Christianity” and explains the basic concept behind this website.

Paul and the Humanists

The current generation is more like that into which the first Christians took their gospel than any generation since.  They were not intimidated, and neither should we be.

Recovering Christian Ethical Absolutes

It may be possible to again assert ethical absolutes in an era when relativism is the only absolute.  (This paper was presented to the Oxford Society of Scholars in Washington D.C. at Dr. Nation’s induction into the Society as a Fellow.)

The Separate Baptist Revivals in the South, 1750-1790

A glowing firebrand was plucked from the cooling coals of New England's Great Awakening and touched to the dry tinder of the Southern colonies, igniting a new and distinct flame of revival. This chain of awakenings of spiritual fervor and evangelistic zeal took place in the ranks of an inauspicious group who accepted the name Separate Baptists. According to Baptist historian William Lumpkin, They were destined in the providence of God to serve as chief instruments for planting the Christian faith along the southern frontier of early America.

What Is Serious Christianity

Explains what is meant by the term “serious Christianity” and explains the basic concept behind this website.

What Really Happened at Nicea?

     The 'True' Story vs. the Facts

      At the core of Nicea was a theological dispute of monumental significance.

     The Controversial Preacher Arius

      The Council of Nicea was triggered by the division caused by a charismatic but heterodox

     preacher named Arius.  

     Decoding Nicea

      The Council of Nicea was not secret; it was a public event that attracted enormous


     After Nicea

     The Council settled the question, but the controversy raged on for decades.

The Apostle Paul at his desk

Rembrandt van Rijn