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The David Saga

Vol. 1

David ben Jesse experiences a meteoric rise from obscurity to fame as a national hero. Then he suffers what appears to be a devastating crash as his king and mentor turns against him. Yet David perseveres and continues to hope in the LORD and becomes a formidable force to reckon with.

A New King Anointed

1 Samuel 16:1-13

In the aftermath of declaring God's disapproval of Saul, Samuel is sent by God on a secret mission to anoint the new king.

Called Up

1 Samuel 16:14-23

The young shepherd is called up into the service of an emotionally and spiritually tormented King Saul, who is unaware of who he is or what has transpired with Samuel.

Called Out, Part One

1 Samuel 17:1-30

David unwittingly gets thrust into the battle of his life.

Called Out, Part Two

1 Samuel 17:31-58

David confronts Goliath and starts the path toward his destiny. David's tactics exploited his strengths and uncovered his foe's weaknesses, but the real reason for his victory was much deeper.

David's Deep Background, Part One

1 Samuel 17:55-58, Ruth 1

Saul's demand to Abner to bring him a report about David's deep background gives us an opportunity to explore the genealogical and spiritual history of David's family found in the Book of Ruth.

David's Deep Background, Part One

Ruth 2 - 4

The Book of Ruth reveals the deep spiritual heritage of David's family, and many themes that are replayed in the life of David.

Tested by Fame

1 Samuel 18

Fast fame became a test for David, but his friendship with Saul's son Jonathan proved to be a vital stabilizing factor. Meanwhile, the king tries to keep his growing jealousy of David a secret.

Forced to Flee

1 Samuel 19

Saul can no longer contain his murderous impulses. David is forced to flee for his life and finds a haven with Samuel in Ramah. David's wife, Saul's daughter Michal, covers his escape, but throws him under the proverbial bus when confronted.

A Painful Parting

1 Samuel 20

Jonathan finally realizes that his father cannot be reconciled to David and so helps David's escape from Saul. Their parting is one of the most poignant scenes in the Bible.

the Young Hero of Israel