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The David Saga

Vol. 1

David the Outlaw

Finally, Saul cannot contain his jealous hatred of David. He pursues David relentlessly while David tries desperately to stay alive while still keeping his loyalty to the LORD's anointed and his nation. Meanwhile, hundreds of disaffected fighting men with their families gather to him, and the young man still in his 20's becomes the leader of a formidable band of warriors.

David the Outcast

1 Samuel 21

David flees from Saul and, under intense pressure, makes some questionable choices.

The Outlaw King

1 Samuel 22

David desperately seeks refuge, hundreds of desperate people seek out David, and Saul, in a paranoid rage, commits an unspeakable atrocity. (Note: Don't prejudge the title of this talk.)

Contrasts, Turnabouts, and the Blessing That Is a Curse

1 Samuel 23

David barely eludes Saul, but there are twists in the story.

David Spares Saul

1 Samuel 24

God seemingly puts Saul in David's hands, but David refuses to lift his hand against him.

The Death of Samuel and Its Effect on David

1 Samuel 25:1-13

Was David's severe overreaction to Nabal's insult connected to a sense of loss after the death of Samuel?

Abigail the Wise Woman

1 Samuel 25:14-44

Abigail's bold, decisive action kept David from committing a monumental atrocity. But some say she went about it all wrong.

David's Mighty Men

1 Samuel 22, 2 Samuel 23, 1 Chronicles 11

A leader is proved by those who coalesce around his leadership, and David had the mightiest warriors in the nation drawn to him.